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Innovation, Passion and Social Media come together at EMC's Third Annual Innovation Conference

EMC Innovation Conference Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending EMC’s Third Annual Innovation Conference at one of our facilities in Franklin, Mass organized by friend, fellow blogger and social media enthusiast, Stuart Miniman(who did an amazing job pulling everything together!!! Kudos Stu!). This was my first Innovation Conference and I have to say that I cannot wait for next year’s!


From the moment I arrived, people were abuzz with the excitement of being in the midst of so many talented individuals, as well as anxiously awaiting the news as to whose idea had won the both the Innovation Showcase awards, as well as the naming of this  year’s prestigious Distinguished Engineers and EMC Fellow. A big congrats to all of the folks who achieved these honors and won awards yesterday!!


EMC Innovation Conference Worldwide Locations It was truly a worldwide event with people from all over the world participating in idea submission (there were over 1,400 ideas submitted!) and the conference itself both on local levels and globally. It was also very neat to see how diverse the teams of submitters were – folks from all over the company were coming together to collaborate on innovative ideas to improve EMC products and services for our customers, as well as introduce new ideas into the mix for what could become new products one day. One of the neatest moments of the conference was when folks all over the world connected live to EMC Sr. VP and CTO Jeff Nick to hear the award winners announced. Another highlight of the conference was that I loved meeting so many folks that I've talked to over the years on EMC|ONE, Twitter, or any other online tool in person for a change! It felt like getting together with a bunch of old friends. How great!


I also had the pleasure of participating on a panel moderated by Rob Masson along with Distinguished Engineer Steve Todd, NAS Advanced Development Manager John Cardente, and Ionix Technologist in the CTO’s office Ronen Artzi around “How we innovate at our local centers across EMC.” We discussed such compelling questions as “Are there areas within EMC or technology in general, that you feel have the greatest potential for innovation, and why?” and “Why is innovation important?” We all agreed that innovation is a key element of any successful company looking to stay in the game. We also discussed ways in which innovation can be enabled by social media tools and how they can connect you to people that you would not have otherwise met, but share similar passions, interests, and can help you propel your innovative ideas forward. Social media is a good way to both meet new folks, as well as carry on the conversation after an event such as the EMC Innovation Conference. In fact, our internal community EMC|ONE is very much abuzz today with folks talking about the conference yesterday.


The passion, creativity and drive of all of the folks that submitted the over 1,400 ideas to be considered is so humbling and awe-inspiring for me. It’s hard to put into words what a feeling of pride there was in the room as we sat there together talking about what an innovative company EMC is, as well as how we continue to propel the notion of innovation forward and make it a 365 day event instead of a once a year gathering! More on that soon, I’m sure, but what an exciting opportunity we have before us! Overall a great time had by all! As I said, I can’t wait til next year!!


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Multi-media from the conference:

A few photos from me @ the Franklin Event

Len Devanna @ the Santa Clara Event

Irsan Widarto @ the Rotterdam Event

Executives on Innovation at EMC

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